søndag 17. januar 2010

Dina Programming Font

Jeg elsker det faktum at jeg har min egen programmerings font.

Bare se hva de sier om meg da!

Dina Programming Font in TTF format

Written on October 7th, 2008
For a long time now, Dina has been my favorite programming font. I find it crisp, clean and very readable for the amount of pixel space it takes up (wide bowls, no unnecessary serifs). It?s certainly a nice change from Courier New. In my opinion, a great programming font is just as important as any other tool in the programmers toolbox.
Unfortunately, Dina does have one big pitfall. It?s only available in the bitmap based .fon format, which is notorious for bad portability. Incompatible on anything but Windows, and even some Windows applications will not read this format (Sun?s Java Netbeans IDE for example does not support it).
After a long day of various hacks and adjustments, I was able to convert the Dina font to a working TTF format. 

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