mandag 1. oktober 2012

Leder blind spillkamerat gjennom World of Warcraft.

Jeg kom nettopp over denne saken på PressFire.
Det fikk meg til å tenke på en sak jeg leste tidligere i år (eller var det i fjor?), om en blind mann som hadde kjørt racerbil. Tror du ikke det er samme mannen!

 Letter to WoWInsider:
My name is Nico and my character is Ignatious on Chamber of Aspects (EU). I'm co-GM/officer in a guild called Die Safe. We are a small (15 to 20 accounts) casual guild whose members like to raid on a couple of nights a week. I'd like to make clear that as a guild we are not hardcore or elitist, and we try to stay out of the realm spotlight as much as possible, so this isn't exactly familiar territory for me.

In our guild, we have a member that raids with us who is completely blind. His name is Ben Shaw, and he currently plays an enhancement shaman called Hexu. Ben used to be a soldier in the British Army and, whilst serving in Iraq, was involved in an incident with a roadside bomb in Basra. As a result of the explosion, Ben suffered multiple shrapnel wounds and had to have both of his eyes surgically removed.

Ben is a strong-willed individual and was not prepared to accept that he could no longer do all the things he previously enjoyed, even if that meant challenging peoples' preconceptions about blindness. Since the incident, he has embarked on numerous activities considered off limits to the visually impaired, some of which have been reportedin the international press.

Everyone does their fair share of relaying information to Ben, but none more so than Davidian, our resident death knight.
Davidian is played by a young Scotsman called Owen, and without him I don't think it would be possible for us to make it work. Owen literally operates as Ben's in-game guide dog -- he's just as hairy as one, too! Our Mumble chat is always filled with details of upcoming dangers and the constant scream of 'Follow me, Ben!' and 'Bloodlust, Ben, Bloodlust!!!!'

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