fredag 9. september 2011

Lessons In Lore - Burning Legion (WoW)

Sargeras went to Kil'jaeden
Archimonde and Prophet Velen
Said he'll give them powers if they'll be his friends
"Run away" Says prophet Velen

Archimonde and Kil'jaeden agree
Velen has committed blasphemy
They chase him across the galaxy
But it's not that easy

Oshu'gun comes to a world
Occupied by clueless Orcs
Eredar, bye. Draenei are born
Seeming peace forever more

Then Kil'jaeden comes to Draenor, finds his brother and the Orcs
Gul'dan betrays all his friends, drinks kool-aid, makes the Orcish horde
War turns Draenor to Outland and Twisting Nether fills the sky
Velen does what he does best, he builds a ship and flies
The Exodar travels all the way to Azeroth
Orcs line up to drink the blood of Mannoroth

Sargeras goes to Azeroth as well
Drawn by Azshara and her little well
Sargeras sends Azshara a tell
who then tries to open a portal
Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage
Help Tyrande try to stop the mage
Illidan the betrayer betrays
and the war, between the elves is waged

Illidan takes a little well
Malfurion kills some high elves
Tyrande is hurt and Azshara fell
which destroys the well

Azshara some how lives on
after falling into the maelstrom
becomes a Naga and she rules
The city Naz'jatar
hates Malfurion Stormrage
And Tyrande who is made
The Leader of the night elves
After she and Malfurion save a tree

But the rest of the story
Wasn't told in Warcraft 3
Here's hoping we'll get some more
In Warcraft 4!

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